Accounting, Stock Management and Production system, works on the SQL database and provides all the tools necessary to produce accounting data in various commercial activities, industrial or even services, and was designed to comply with all sizes of enterprises, small or even large enterprises, and provides the flexibility in data entry and control Accounting transactions, also has easy access to information for audit purposes and has all the tools and reports that auditors and accounting firms need to help them control and audit data to produce financial permits.

Here are some of the program’s features:


  • The entering of purchased items of all kinds, purchases for the purpose of sale, or purchases of raw materials for the purpose of manufacturing.
  • Show purchase price history for the item from the same supplier to adjust the price manipulation process.
  • Receiving categories of items in a particular warehouse.
  • The cost center is available to apply discounts on the entire invoice or on certain selected items to reduce the cost of obtaining those items.
  • The ability to copy and paste the contents of the invoice with a sales invoice or a transfer from a warehouse to a warehouse or a purchase return process.
  • The ability to open a new series of items during the purchase process and defines the barcode and gives it's price immediately.
  • The total pricing of the invoice according to the percentage of the sale with a set price to be free of the decimal fraction and then the possibility of sending those prices after approval to the general price list of all warehouses and branches.
  • The barcode can be sent for printing according to the components of the purchase invoice or on selected items within the purchase invoice.
  • The ability to enter purchases according to the daily numbering system to facilitate the work of the accountant and reduce the difficulty of pursuing the serial numbering of the purchase invoices.
  • Show supplier information and the nature of its registration as if he is a local supplier or if he is a supplier from outside the country and follow-up VAT in his invoices and collect it in his own account.
  • Ability to change the exchange rate in the purchase invoice to be recorded into automatic purchases journals and be compatible with the exchange rate in the supplier invoice.

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The Sales

  • The program provides sales on the account, and a cash sale system.
  • Enter items manually or via barcode.
  • Enter invoice types via copy and paste.
  • Selling prices are automatically entered from the list of prices for each branch individually or in a community.
  • Ability to give certain discounts on the prices of certain items within a certain period for a particular customer or customers through a list of rebates built by the sales department.
  • Show the price history of previously sold item for each customer to maintain their own selling prices.
  • The ability to change the selling prices by adding them from the list of general prices automatically.
  • Print sales invoice in different formats or send it to excel file.
  • The cost center is available to load the charges of the sale and shipment expenses of the invoice to clarify its net profit.
  • A multi-system for salesman and his commission related to the entire invoice or each item separately.
  • Showing the main unit of the type or packing unit to facilitate the sales of the main unit or the complete packing unit, which helps in the activities of cooperatives or import and distribution activities to different local areas.
  • The ability to print the delivery note of goods from the same invoice.
  • The ability to give the period of sold service as maintenance or insurance contracts and follow-up approaching the end of the service period and the ability to create services journal with in the current year amount that’s separated from the subsequent year automatically.
  • The ability to give the date of the delivery event to the item within the invoice, to make a collected invoice for different types of items handed to the customer with different dates,as in the activities of the sale of fuel or medical or hospital activities.
  • Show the cost of the item and the quantities available during the sale.

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Manufacturing and warehouse transfer

  • Manufacturing processes, side of entered raw material, and side of produced items that hold production costs from raw material within the manufacturing warehouse.
  • Dismantling of incoming materials, used in companies that acquire expendable assets and disassemble their parts into maintenance spare parts such as camera maintenance companies, computer maintenance companies, etc...
  • The ability to add indirect costs through manufacturing process on the product.
  • The ability to add direct and indirect costs to different products with different percentages of production costs.
  • The ability to build a table of fixtures for the typical product and record it to be called during the manufacturing process according to the quantities required to be manufactured.
  • The ability to copy and paste previously registered manufacturing processes to free a similar process.
  • There is a mechanism for controlling the quantities available for disposal from the raw materials store to prevent any manufacturing process in which the quantities of raw materials entering are not available.
  • The production transaction is manufactured according to the FIFO system and distribute the manufacturing costs using checking and adjusting processand distributed in the basic and second currencies.
  • Warehouse transfer is available and uses the available quantity adjustment process.
  • The ability to define an infinite number of warehouses for the use of items transfer between warehouses or manufacturing processes.
  • The ability to establish the production transaction journals that accompany manufacturing processes or warehouse transfer for accounting purposes.

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Daily Journals

  • The journal voucher process provides all the tools needed to facilitate data entry, such as deleting or adding a record, Debit-Credit adjustment, adding a newrecord between two records, copying and pasting the journal in debtor to creditor or vice versa, copy the journal and paste it in a new one, with providing a serial or a daily numbering system.
  • Search for any description info in the detail box and display the list of options for the information to get it directly.
  • The automatic records insertion system is provided for the VAT accounts that are connected to payable or receivable accounts.
  • Ability to handle an infinite number of cost centers per record (Multi Job System).
  • The cost center is available to be connected to a purchase or a sale transaction.
  • Provides a special label for arecord in the journal voucher to follow up bills and amounts payablefor managing purposes.
  • Issuing the depreciation journal of fixed assets on a monthly basis or yearly, and the effect of dividing the figures on the first and second major currencies.
  • Issuing monthly expenses journals that were prepared before in the budget in advance automatically.
  • The distribution system provides costs or costs based on specific distribution ratios on multiple records supported by multiple cost centers(Allocation System).
  • Provides a blackout or disclosure records for specific employees according to the program's permission user list.
  • The system provides for the closure of balances of VAT accounts at the end of the specified period and provides a system for closing balances at the end of the fiscal year.
  • Provides the feature of closing and posting the journal, and not allowing it to be edited or in opposite way for control purposes.

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  • View daily journals in chronological order with add-on base filters with posting feature after auditing or editing them as well as sending it to the printer or an Excel file.
  • Statement of account with all the features and add-on basic parameters with the direct access tools for the accounting transactions displayed, and provides all the required forms to print the statements to the printer or even to store them on Excel files.
  • Aging report for liabilities is available with due dates.
  • All types of trial balances are available within a certain period or monthly balance. All basic and addable filters are available with the ability to view and print the statements of the account. It provides all the required forms for printing or even storing them on Excel files.
  • Statement of item that contains the source of the item and the purchase price or the cost of manufacturing with a review of the movements of sales and prices with available quantity in the stock for each store separately or stores combined.
  • Inventory of items for each warehouse or for the warehouses combined with designation types of items and aggregation of inventory value of each group separately.
  • Inventory of items in available quantities, re-order quantities report from the supplier, inventory of a particular transaction as sales or purchase of a group of items, and several types of reports within specified periods.
  • Selling price lists with discount rate for each warehouse (single branch) or all warehouses together.
  • Presentation of the connected cost centers and how the costs are distributed to the purchase or to the sales with the presentation of net profit or loss from each transaction.
  • Offer multi-jobs trial balance of multiple cost centers and add-on filters together with flexible tools to review a multi-cost and combined multi-job cost center and their statements with consolidated centers.
  • The multi-job statements have all the features and basic add-on filters with direct access tools for the accounting transactions presented.
  • The automatic profit margin display screen is automatically updated according to the current operations of certain categories or types of items for each store or all warehouses together and has all the advantages and basic add-on filters such as obtaining profit margin for certain items within a particular branch.
  • A display screen that presents cost, sales price and net profit margin of the customers as well as customer account balances to know the achieved profit and unachieved which helps for example, displaying the profits of a particular salesman of his own customers in a specified period.
  • Comparison report for purchase or revenue figures with VAT value per day during a particular season for comparison, auditing purposes and accounts adjustment
  • Display the largest suppliers or customers during a given period of time with basic add-on filters.
  • Exhibit the profit & loss account,balance sheet and the budget until the last working date.
  • A general statement of the liabilities or obligations and their remaining balances to be paid at the maturity date,and dedicated reports to follow up banks accounts on the maturity date to facilitate the issuance of checks to the suppliers.

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